Often in life you can either expect a better price or a better quality, but with a family owned and operated business and over 30 years of experience you are guaranteed both !

We start with your truck* and conversion pricing starting as low as:

Dodge 6 Door MEGA MEGA Cab $30,000

Ford 6 Door Trucks –  6 Door Excursion $27,000

GM – Chevy 6 Door Conversions $30,000

All custom builds are P.O.R., we can include any performance or cosmetic upgrade you can think of.  Call or email us today to get your custom price quote !

* Are you in need of a truck, we can find a great deal on one for you with the mileage, price and options you are dreaming about.


To get your custom conversion started call today !

Steve @ 801-803-3289

[email protected]

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