Regardless if you start out with a new 70K truck…


or your well used family heirloom, the  Six Door Conversion process is the same.


You remove all the glass, interior, fuel lines, wiring, drive lines etc…. and cut the truck in half.


This is where experience counts! A cut in the wrong place here can spell disaster for the build.


Ford and GM use a C-Channel frame and are usually about a 1/4″ thick. On these frames we use a glove and an insert which are both 1/4″ thick.  The glove on a Ford conversion is about 35″ long while the insert is a full 60″ in length… giving the stretched portion twice the thickness of the stock frame or 1/2 inch with at least a 1 foot overlap on the insert.

In this image you can see the insert that goes inside the original frame before the glove is put on.


The Glove has been installed in this photo.  Factory dimensions on frames are within 1/8″ of an inch… We build jigs and all of our measurements are within 1/16″

Once it is welded and painted…. it leaves a seamless factory appearance.

Dodge uses a fully boxed modular frame.

I undo the frame at a factory joint, and using the front half from one frame and the “long” rear section of another complete frame… I end up with a single frame with only one factory joint.

All that is left is several hundred hours of fabrication and body work.

Hang some doors

A little paint and body work… and

Walla !  You have your very own 6 door MEGA MEGA.


As a special bonus click on the picture below to see a video of the Mega X 2 crew cutting my wife’s Excursion in 2 !

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